Inside McDonald's quest to address claims of racial discrimination and erase former top executives' 'party culture'

Inside McDonald’s quest to address claims of racial discrimination and erase former top executives’ ‘party culture’

McDonald’s has been doing major damage control internally since the abrupt departure of former CEO Steve Easterbrook. Prior to Easterbrook’s departure, some black franchisees and executives alleged internally that they faced discrimination at the fast-food gi…

LG’s CES press conference tried to convince us of its AI future

In its press conference at CES today, LG presented its upcoming lines of TVs and kitchen appliances for the coming year. This year, the emphasis was on AI and 8K.

4 Instagram Marketing Business Tips to Take for 2020

If your business is not on Instagram yet, then you better have a good reason! If you have stores, if you sell any kind of physical products, or if you want people to recognize your business brand, then you really need to get an account. Here are four Instagra…

A growing number of Americans believe the government should tackle economic inequality instead of illegal immigration, new poll finds

Pew found 42% of Americans said cutting inequality should be a top federal priority, above the 39% identifying illegal immigration as a problem.

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp criticized for misleading bushfire coverage amplified by trolls and bots

Sam Mooy/Getty Images The bushfires devastating Australia are burning amid waves of disinformation spread over social media and criticism for some of the country’s top news outlets over their coverage of the crisis. An employee at Rupert Murdoch’s Australia N…

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