In Paris, Ecommerce Warehouses Get a Chic Makeover

In Paris, Ecommerce Warehouses Get a Chic Makeover

Online ordering means more deliveries to more places. One Paris hub sports a data center, offices, sports facilities like tennis courts, and an urban farm.

The Touryst is a bite-sized, open-world vacation game

While it can be difficult to devote enough time to finish the main quest line of an open-world game like Assassin’s Creed or Infamous, never mind the additional stuff. The Touryst on Nintendo Switch scratches that itch, only in a much shorter time frame.

Trump’s top economic adviser just made a unique fashion statement at the World Economic Forum

Larry Kudlow, Director of the National Economic Council and President Donald Trump’s top economic adviser, was spotted at the World Economic Forum on Tuesday wearing an interesting fashion choice: a pair of “duck boots” paired with a suit. The forum, a gather…

This is the pitch deck SteadyPay used to raise millions and help gig economy workers top up their salaries

SteadyPay is an app that allows workers with fluctuating paychecks to top up their wages when they fall short. Millions of people participate in the gig economy in the UK – with many working flexible hours through apps such as Uber or takeaway giant Just Eat.…

The 2019 NFL playoff bracket is (almost) set

The NFL playoff bracket is nearly set with only seeding in the NFC up in the air with one game to go. The Philadelphia Eagles and Tennessee Titans clinched the final playoff spots in each conference with wins on Sunday afternoon. If the San Francisco 49ers ca…

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