Mars Comet Encounter Briefing

Dwayne Brown, NASA public affairs officer, left, moderates a media briefing where panelist, seated from left, Jim Green, director, Planetary Science Division, NASA Headquarters, Washington, Carey Lisse, senior astrophysicist, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, Maryland, Kelly Fast, program scientist, Planetary Science Division, NASA Headquarters, Washington, and Padma Yanamandra-Fisher, senior research scientist, Space Science Institute, Rancho Cucamonga Branch, California, outlined how space and Earth-based assets will be used to image and study comet Siding Spring during its Sunday, Oct. 19 flyby of Mars, Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014 at NASA Headquarters in Washington. (Photo credit: NASA/Joel Kowsky)


S73-37273 (24 Dec. 1973) — An artist’s concept illustrating the trajectory of the newly-discovered Comet Kohoutek in relation to the sun and to Earth and the plane of Earth’s orbit. The picture show’s the position of Kohoutek on Christmas Eve, 1973. The Skylab space station in Earth orbit will provide a favorable location from which to observe the passing of the comet. Photo credit: NASA