Positive Mantras To Help Reduce Anxiety: 3 Simple Phrases to Re-frame Your Mindset

Anxiety can be both a debilitating and overwhelming emotion. It’s easy to get caught up in its grip, allowing it to consume your thoughts and dictate the course of your day

However, there are simple tools that you can use to regain control of your mindset and reduce anxiety levels – positive mantras.

These short phrases or affirmations have been proven effective at helping people cultivate an optimistic outlook on life, while also providing comfort during times of hardship.

In this blog post we will explore 3 different mantras that you can use as part of a daily practice to help reduce anxiety and find peace within yourself. We will also provide you with some more mantras to explore and understand in your own time.

Mantra #1: “I am safe”

When feelings of fear or unease arise, repeating this mantra will remind you that everything is going to be okay; no matter what obstacles come along in life, you always have the power within yourself to make it through them safely.

This phrase helps instill a sense of security within yourself which allows for long-term healing from anxieties experienced before and after difficult events occur in life.

Additionally, by acknowledging safety internally rather than externally (from external sources such as friends/family etc.), one learns how important it is for self-empowerment when combating bouts with anxiety rather than relying solely upon others for comfort during these challenging times.

Mantra #2: “I trust myself”

This mantra works as a reminder that even though anxious moments may arise throughout life’s journey, trusting oneself should remain priority number one when navigating these periods filled with uncertainty or doubt because ultimately only YOU know what is best for YOU!

By understanding the power of our thoughts and not giving too much attention to toxic thinking, we can pivot away from it and avoid letting it shape our sense of self.

The idea of this mantra is to repeat it until it becomes a belief that allows you to disconnect yourself from negative thoughts and remind you of the truth that those thoughts do not define who we are as a person.

Mantra #3: “My thoughts do not define me”

Anxiety often manifests itself through obsessive thought patterns resulting in feelings of low self-worth or worthlessness altogether – but try not to let those negative ideas overtake your reality!

Pivoting away from toxic thinking becomes easier once understanding how powerful YOUR thoughts really are – if given too much attention they can actually start shaping who we think we are without us ever realizing it!

So remember this mantra whenever feeling overwhelmed by intrusive worries; repeat until fully realizing just how incorrect those notions truly are since THEY DO NOT DEFINE US!!

11 Mantras To Help Reduce Anxiety

  • “I am in control of my thoughts and emotions.”
  • “I release my worries and trust in the present moment.”
  • “I choose to focus on peace and positivity.”
  • “I am strong enough to handle whatever comes my way.”
  • “I am surrounded by love and support.”
  • “I let go of the past and focus on the present.”
  • “I trust in my own ability to overcome any obstacle.”
  • “I am grateful for my health and well-being.”
  • “I am worthy of love and happiness.”
  • “I trust the journey of my life and have faith in the future.”
  • “I am enough, just as I am.”

It’s important to remember that every person is unique and what works for one may not work for another. It’s also good to experiment and find what resonates with you. These mantras are tools that can be used to reframe negative thoughts, cultivate positive emotions and offer support to individuals managing anxiety and other related conditions.

However, it’s important to not rely solely on these mantras, and to consult with a therapist or healthcare professional to ensure that you are receiving the appropriate care and treatment for your needs.

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“Harnessing the Power of Positive Mantras to Manage Anxiety”

Positive mantras can be an effective tool to help manage anxiety.

They are a powerful reminder of our own inner strength and resilience, allowing us to reframe challenging situations and make positive changes in our lives.

By taking some time out of the day for self-care and reflection, we can focus on our positive mantras to calm ourselves down when feeling overwhelmed with worry or stress.

It is hugely important to remember that while these mantras will not take away all anxious feelings immediately, they can provide a source of comfort and motivation which can lead to long-term improvement in managing anxiety.

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