Brock Turner Judge Is Now A Girls Tennis Coach

Brock Turner Judge Is Now A Girls Tennis Coach

The school was apparently unaware of the former judge’s involvement in the controversial sexual assault case.

What It’s Like Being The Lawyer Of A #MeToo Survivor

Genie Harrison, who represents some of the sexual assault cases against Kevin Spacey, sits down with Caroline to discuss why she’s hopeful, why she’s angry and why she refuses to be intimidated by powerful men.

President Donald Trump Shows Off Border Wall

The Pentagon and other federal departments have given President Donald Trump money to construct a border wall, but all he’s done so far is reinforce and renovate current barriers at the border.

How Diane Guerrero Became An Immigration Advocate

“Orange is the New Black” actor Guerrero has been a leading voice in the fight for immigration reform in the United States.

This Dancer Found Inner Peace By Breaking Gender Stereotypes

Jeeno fought back against traditional societal beliefs around masculinity, as well as his own insecurities, to rediscover his passion for dancing.

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